As the demand for cannabis grows, so does the number of new strains being developed. The majority of strains available on the commercial market today are hybrids, which are plants produced from a variety of cannabis strains to generate certain effects or characteristics. This is a short introduction to hybrids and some of the reasons for their popularity.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Cannabis, like other plants, comes in two varieties: pure strains and hybrid strains. Pure strains and existing hybrids are constantly blended and remixed as the industry has commercialised. These new plants are known as hybrids.

Hybrids are a man-made attempt to tailor plants to certain traits seen in ruderalis, sativa, and indica strains. Successful hybrids inherit their parents' best features.


Strains are classified into four categories:

  1. Sativa x sativa:- Two separate sativa types are crossed in this crossbreed.
  2. Sativa x indica:-however, have characteristics of both cannabis kinds. It could, for example, be a tall plant with purple buds.
  3. Indica x indica:- Two distinct indica strains have been crossed.
  4. Indica x sativa:- This variety will have characteristics of both, but is indica-dominant.

Furthermore, autoflowering hybrids are cultivars that have been crossed with ruderalis DNA at some point.

HYBRID CANNABIS Plant Characteristics

Simply said, hybrids are produced when an indica and a sativa plant are crossed. Both parent plants' traits are typically found in these kinds. The goal of combining indicas and sativas is usually to “cross” the qualities of both into a new-and-improved strain for medical or recreational uses (lupus, cancer, etc.).

It's tempting to skip the step of determining whether a strain is one of the above categories, but neglecting the type and just looking at the THC percent can make the difference between being creative (sativa) and being couch locked for several hours with little productivity (heavy indica). So, the next time you go flower shopping, think about what you want/need from your flower and then ask a budtender for advice. You never know, the ideal flower for you might be one you've never heard of before!

What Is The Best Way To Pick A Strain?


Users can choose any strain that suits them, however if this is your first time, keep the following in mind:

  1. To begin, speak with your healthcare professional.
  2. Second, keep a record of your expectations.
  3. Third, keep an eye on the percentages of CBD and THC in your marijuana strain.
  4. Additionally, don't make any conclusions about marijuana bud strains.
  5. Finally, keep your medical history in mind at all times.


Physical Body Effects:-

  1. Relaxing
  2. Sedating
  3. Treats Accute Pain
  4. Reduce Nausea
  5. Muscle Relaxant
  6. Increase Dopamine
  7. Stimulate Appetite

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